Cody Flick has had an interest in audio and video games from a very young age. That love of experimenting with sound turned into a scholastic focusduring college resulting with a degree in Film &Digital Media and Electronic Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz. His passion for video games and sound culminated in building a Max/MSP patch from scratch, turning a simple Rockband guitar controller into a fully functioning MIDI instrument.

After college Cody sought employment in post production and spent the 3 ½ years honing his craft at a Los Angeles music editorial company before coming to the Warner Bros. Game Sound Team. Since joining the team three years ago, Cody has been able to contribute his editorial prowess and many other skills geared towards workflow optimization including: C++ programming, Excel, QuicKeys, and Max/MSP.

In his time off Cody likes to stay current on video game culture by watching streams, reading articles and, of course, playing games.

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